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Vrtanes Papazian

Armenian writer


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Vrtanes Mesrop Papazian , was an Armenian writer, public-political and cultural activist, literary critic, editor, literature historian, teacher and translator.Biography Vrtanes Papazian was born in the city of Van, Ottoman Empire, in 1866. His father, archimandrite Mesrop Papazyan, was a well-known religious and public figure, pedagogue, writer, theater expert, and playwright. At the age of four he moved with his parents to Agulis where he received his primary education. He continued his study at the Aramian School in Tavriz and Gevorgian Theological Seminary in Etchmiadzin. Later he studied at the Geneva University, the faculty of literature and social sciences.

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Gevorgian Seminary

Theological school-college in Armenia

University of Geneva

Public research university located in Geneva, Switzerland

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