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Wang Ching-feng


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Wang Ching-feng is a Taiwanese politician.Wang Ching-feng sat on the Hualien County Council and was its speaker. Wang, a member of the Kuomintang, defeated Chen Yung-hsing, the Democratic Progressive Party candidate, in the 1993 Hualien County magisterial election. Wang ran for reelection against the DPP's , in 1997. Infrastructure projects focusing on flood prevention took place during his first term, including the dredging and riverbank fortification of Hualien City's . Meilun Hill was reclaimed and transformed into a park, which was completed in 1995. In his second term, Wang advocated for the Executive Yuan to distribute more money to local county governments. During his second term, Hualien was impacted by typhoons. In August 2000, Typhoon Bilis hit Hualien County, followed by Typhoon Toraji in July 2001. As Toraji caused landslides and floods, Wang attended the Kuomintang's sixteenth National Congress. Interior minister Chang Po-ya and legislator Chou Hsi-wei criticized Wang for his absence from Hualien. The Control Yuan began an investigation into Wang's actions in August 2001. In 2004, Wang took part in a committee convened by the Legislative Yuan to investigate the 3-19 shooting incident.

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