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According to Wikipedia, Wilhelm Christian Suhrke was a Norwegian architect and politician for the Conservative Party.Biography He was born in Fredrikshald in Østfold, Norway. He was a son of German-born architect Ernst Suhrke and his wife Barthe Svendsen . Suhrke graduated in engineering during 1882 from Trondhjems Tekniske Læreanstalt at Trondheim and studied at the Polytechnical School of Hannover from 1884 to 1886. He joined his father in 1884 and from 1892 he directed the firm. He is known for designing buildings such as Halden Arbeidersamfund, Tordenskjolds 3, Halden Bad and his own residence Suhrkevillaen on Rødsberget in Halden. His later works are characterized by functionalism.

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