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According to Wikipedia, William Harjo LoneFight , is president and CEO of American Native Services, a consulting firm in Bismarck, North Dakota. An alumnus of Dartmouth College, Oklahoma City University, and Stanford University, LoneFight has served on the board of directors of the American Indian College Fund, American Indian Higher Education Consortium, and The Jacobson Foundation. An enrolled citizen of the Muscogee Nation of Oklahoma with Natchez ancestry, Harjo was raised in a traditional Muscogee Indian community. LoneFight wrote a book, Achieving the Healing Community: A Guide to Traditional Knowledge of Substance Abuse Prevention , to help social workers develop new approaches to substance abuse prevention. He is an accomplished creative writer and was anthologized in the milestone anthology, "Returning the Gift," a collection of Native American poets. He also developed a culturally-based pedagogical theory which seeks to reform approaches in the disciplines of math, science, and technology to utilize the diverse cultural backgrounds of such students in order to enhance their learning.

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