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Yu Pingbo

Chinese historian


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Yu Pingbo , original name Yu Mingheng and courtesy name Pingbo , was a Chinese essayist, poet, historian, redologist, and literary critic.Early life Yu Pingbo's ancestry can be traced to Deqing, Zhejiang. His pet name as a child was Sengbao . He was a descendant of Yu Yue, a renowned scholar during the late Qing period, and Yu Pingbo was trained in the Chinese classics from an early age. In 1915, he qualified by examination for a preparatory course at Peking University, where he became one of Hu Shih's most prominent students. In 1917, he married Xu Baoxun , a gifted female scholar from Hangzhou, and then commenced composing melodies for Kunqu operas. Meanwhile, he temporarily immersed himself in the New Culture Movement, and in 1918 his first New Culture period poem Spring Waters was published alongside Lu Xun's A Madman's Diary in La Jeunesse, becoming one of the pioneering compositions to be written in contemporary Chinese vernacular. That same year, he established with classmates Fu Sinian, Luo Jialun and others the New Wave Society. Other intellectual friends or writers included Zhu Ziqing, Feng Youlan, and Ye Shengtao. He then went on to publish such compositions as the poem Winter's Night . Yu Pingbo graduated from Peking University in December, 1919. After graduation, Yu took a brief trip to Europe, and in 1922 spent an equally brief period in the United States, but found neither place attractive.

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University in Beijing, China

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