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Zahida Hina is a noted Urdu columnist, essayist, short story writer, novelist and dramatist from Pakistan.Life Zahida was born in India, after the independence of Pakistan in 1947, her father, Muhammad Abul Khair, emigrated to Pakistan and settled in Karachi, where Zahida was brought up and homeschooled until she started her formal education from 7th class at Happy Home School. She wrote her first story when she was nine years old. She graduated from University of Karachi, and her first essay was published in the monthly Insha in 1962. She chose journalism as a career in mid-60s. In 1970, she married the well-known poet Jaun Elia. Zahida Hina was associated with the daily Jang from 1988 until 2005 when she moved to the Daily Express, Pakistan. She now lives in Karachi. Hina has also worked for Radio Pakistan, BBC Urdu and Voice of America.

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