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According to Wikipedia, Zenaida Ybañez-Chavez is a retired volleyball player who played for the Philippine national team and current coach at the Philippine Super Liga.Career Early career Ybañez-Chavez played for the girls' volleyball team of her school, the Southwestern University . As champions of Visayas, SWU faced the champions of Manila, UAAP champions University of Santo Tomas at the 1987 National UAAP in Davao. Ybañez-Chavez was part of the said squad. It was in this tournament that she was first scouted to play for the Philippine national team. However, Ybañez-Chavez declined the offer at that time since it was her first year in playing competitive volleyball. Every year until 1990, the lass was urged to try out for the national team but Ybañez-Chavez insists on focusing on her studies.

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