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According to Wikipedia, The Atlanta Law School was a private, night law school for working professionals and others seeking a legal education. The school's faculty members were practicing lawyers and judges from across the state of Georgia.

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Who Are Atlanta Law School's Most Influential Alumni?

Atlanta Law School's most influential alumni include professors and professionals in the fields of Law, Criminal Justice, and Nursing. Here are some of Atlanta Law School's most famous alumni:

Don Keenan
An American trial lawyer and author.
Juanita Marsh
An American judge.
Walter Augustus Bethel
Walter Augustus Bethel
A Bethel, Walter A. Walter Augustus Bethel is class of 1889.
Frank Arthur Hooper
A United States federal judge.
William McDonald Wheeler
An American politician, Georgia .
Minnie Anderson Hale
An One of the first three female lawyers in Georgia, US.

Who Are Atlanta Law School's Most Influential Faculty?

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