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Cardiff School of Art & Design

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is one of the five schools that comprise Cardiff Metropolitan University. It originated as the Cardiff School of Art in 1865.History with lessons initially taking place on the top floor of the Cardiff Free Library and Museum. In 1867 a distinct School of Art was formed, based on the Art Night School, with 65 young pupils aged between 9 and 17. In 1868 an older intake was accepted, of 50 'artisan' students between 17 and 25 years old.

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What is Cardiff School of Art & Design known for?

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Top areas of influence with degrees offered

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Computer Science
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Political Science
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Influential People

Who are Cardiff School of Art & Design's Most influential alumni?

Cardiff School of Art & Design 's most influential alumni faculty include professors and professionals in the fields of Literature, Education, and Business

Celeida Tostes

Brazilian artist


Welsh musician and composer

Simon Callery

British painter

Mary Lloyd Jones

Mary Lloyd Jones

Welsh artist

Clive Bowen

British artist

Brian Savegar

Production designer

Phil Nicol

Welsh painter

Austin Cooper

British illustrator and commercial artist

Esther Grainger

British artist

Thomas Nathaniel Davies

Welsh artist and teacher

Jeremy Akerman

English-Canadian politician, writer and actor

Sue Williams

British artist