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About Inter-American Defense College

According to Wikipedia, The Inter-American Defense College is the educational entity of the Inter-American Defense Board, an independent entity of the Organization of American States. The IADC is unique in the Western Hemisphere in that the faculty, staff and student body are international. Broad international participation provides an exceptional opportunity for the free exchange of ideas and forms a foundation for better inter-American understanding. The IADC holds a permanent license from the District of Columbia Higher Education Licensing Commission and is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

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What Is Inter-American Defense College Known For?

Inter-American Defense College is known for it's academic work in the following disciplines:

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Who Are Inter-American Defense College's Most Influential Alumni?

Inter-American Defense College's most influential alumni faculty include professors and professionals in the fields of Political Science, Criminal Justice, and Communications. Here are some of Inter-American Defense College's most famous alumni:

Michelle Bachelet
A 7th United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. Michelle Bachelet is 34th and 36th President of Chile.
Otto Pérez Molina
A President of Guatemala .
William J. Walker
William J. Walker
A United States Army major general.
Lucio Gutiérrez
A President of Ecuador .
Alfred Valenzuela
Alfred Valenzuela
A United States Army general.
Mariano Francisco Saynez Mendoza
A Mexican military.
Antonio J. Ramos
Antonio J. Ramos
A United States Air Force general.
Jorge Daniel Castro
A Colombian police general.
Ronaldo Cecilio Leiva
A Guatemalan politician.
Daniel Delgado
A Panamanian politician.
Paco Moncayo
An Ecuadorian politician and general.
William A. Navas Jr.
A United States general.

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