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Graduate school of Christian Studies in Vancouver, British Columbia

About Regent College

According to Wikipedia, Regent College is a Canadian graduate school of Christian studies, and an affiliated college of the University of British Columbia, located next to the university's campus in the University Endowment Lands west of Vancouver, British Columbia. Not affiliated with a particular religious denomination, Regent College is a transdenominational evangelical Protestant institution in its general outlook. The school's stated mission is to "cultivate intelligent, vigorous, and joyful commitment to Jesus Christ, His church, and His world."

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What Is Regent College Known For?

Regent College is known for it's academic work in the following disciplines:

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Who Are Regent College's Most Influential Alumni?

Regent College's most influential alumni faculty include professors and professionals in the fields of Religious Studies, Philosophy, and Psychology. Here are some of Regent College's most famous alumni:

Gary Thomas
An American Christian author.
Alexander Chow
A Chinese American theologian.
Mike Baird
A New South Wales politician and premier.
Christopher Hall
An Episcopalian theologian.
Kin Ming Tsui
A Researcher.
D. Bruce Hindmarsh
A Professor of spiritual theology and the history of Christianity.

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