Susquehanna University
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Susquehanna University

In Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania

Founded in 1858, Susquehanna University (SU) has a student enrollment of about 2,300 undergraduates. SU offers over 100 liberal arts and pre-professional degree programs. Among the most popular ones are those in business and related fields, in communication, and in journalism.

The college is also well known for its Writers Institute, which has been a temporary home to many distinguished Visiting Writers over the years.

SU Online offers more than 61 bachelor’s degree and certificate programs.

SU is associated with one Nobel laureate for literature—poet, Louise Glück.

Other distinguished SU connected individuals include the following:

SU is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE).

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Susquehanna University is a private university in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, in the Susquehanna Valley. It was founded in 1858 by Benjamin Kurtz as the Lutheran-based Missionary Institute paired with a sister college, the Susquehanna Female College. When the sister college closed in 1873, the missionary institute became co-educational, and in 1895 it became a four-year school renamed Susquehanna University.

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514 University Ave, Selinsgrove PA 17870-1025

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30 per 100k

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10 per 100k

What is Susquehanna University known for?

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Influential People

Who are Susquehanna University's Most influential alumni?

Susquehanna University's most influential alumni faculty include professors and professionals in the fields of Mathematics, Biology, and Criminal Justice. Susquehanna University’s most academically influential people include Roger Blough, Bob Mosher, and Camilla Luddington.

Roger Blough

American businessman

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Bob Mosher

American screenwriter

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Camilla Luddington
Camilla Luddington

English actress

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Jeffery Ulmer

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Jay Feaster

American ice hockey executive

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James Jordan

American conductor

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Harold Norman Moldenke

American botanist

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Claude A. Buss
Claude A. Buss

American historian

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Richard Caruso

American businessman

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Richard Dorman

American academic

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John Strangfeld
John Strangfeld

American businessman

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Jackie McKeever

TV and theatre actor

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