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Presbyterian and Reformed Christian seminary in Glenside, Pennsylvania, US

About Westminster Theological Seminary

According to Wikipedia, Westminster Theological Seminary is a theological seminary in the Reformed theological tradition in Glenside, Pennsylvania. It was founded by members of the faculty of Princeton Theological Seminary in 1929 after Princeton chose to take a liberal direction during the Fundamentalist–Modernist controversy.

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Student Body Graduates
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Where is Westminster Theological Seminary?

Westminster Theological Seminary is located at 2960 W Church Rd, Glenside PA 19038

What Is Westminster Theological Seminary Known For?

Westminster Theological Seminary is known for it's academic work in the following disciplines:

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Who Are Westminster Theological Seminary's Most Influential Alumni?

Westminster Theological Seminary's most influential alumni faculty include professors and professionals in the fields of Religious Studies, Psychology, and Philosophy. Here are some of Westminster Theological Seminary's most famous alumni:

Greg Bahnsen
Greg Bahnsen
An American theologian and philosopher .
George Marsden
An American historian.
Peter Leithart
An American theologian.
Peter Lillback
Peter Lillback
An American theologian.
Philip Ryken
Philip Ryken
A President of Wheaton College.
Kevin Vanhoozer
An American academic.
Bong-Ho Son
A Korean ethicist.
Edward F. Hills
An American biblical scholar.
Robert Morey
An American pastor.
Robert Sungenis
An American Catholic apologist.
Taylor Marshall
An American Catholic author.
Thomas David Gordon
A Professor and theologian.

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