Winston Ewert

AI / Machine Learning Expert and Software Engineer

Winston Ewert, PhD, is a software engineer. He received his BS in computer science from Trinity Western University, his Master’s degree in computer science from Baylor University, and his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Baylor University.

Winston specializes in computer simulations of evolution, specified complexity, information theory, and the common design of genomes. Ewert worked for Google for two years as a software engineer after earning his doctorate. He was deemed the most productive programmer on his team.

Winston left Google’s Kirkland, Washington, campus and returned to Vancouver to work independently as a software engineer and researcher with Erik J. Larson on a DARPA-funded startup to assess influence for the purposes of national security: Influence Networks. Winston’s work at Influence Networks was then repurposed through Education Access, the parent company of, to assess the influence of academic persons and institutions.