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This is a quick overview of what Academic Influence has to offer!

We measure influence to identify the people and schools that have made the biggest impact on the world. Influential schools tend to produce the key scientists, scholars, and educators as well as the most CEOs, Presidents, and Supreme Court Justices. And those people shape the world we live in.

A lot of the value of your education comes not just from the education but through the power of influence networks you join when you choose a school. Academic Influence uses machine learning to measure the influence of people and institutions.

Try It Out!

The easiest way to get started with Academic Influence is to jump right in and try it. So let’s ask a couple of questions.

Which university is more influential University of Michigan or Ohio State?

To answer this, we type the name of each school into the search box in the navigation header of the site . Once you find the correct school, you can go to its page to see its InfluenceRanking which was determined by our machine learning algorithm that we call the InfluenceRanking Engine.

As you can see below, our algorithm answers this question definitively: University of Michigan is more influential than Ohio State University. And both are less influential than Harvard which is the #1 most influential school.

University of Michigan: Universit of Michigan logo #16 global / #9 USA

Ohio State University: University of Ohio logo #83 global / #30 USA

Who was more influential, Karl Marx or Sigmund Freud?

To answer this, we can use the Academic Influence’s InfluenceRanking Engine by simply typing each of their names into the search box in the navigation header of the site .

The results: Freud’s InfluenceRank is #9 out of all people in academic history. Marx is #4. So Marx is slightly more influential than Freud. However, both are a lot more influential than say philosopher of mind Jaegwon Kim at #2,484 or even C.S. Lewis at #397.

Karl Marx: Karl Marx #4 Most Influential Person

Sigmund Freud: Sigmund Freud #9 Most Influential Person

So that’s the easiest way to get started with our tools. We encourage you to explore and have fun.

And in the meantime, also please check out many of the great rankings we’ve built using our InfluenceRanking Engine.

Our Tools

We’ve developed a number of tools for you to use to make your college search experience easier. Some of the highlights include:

School Search

With this tool you can compare the relative influence strength of different schools. You can even evaluate over different time periods.

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People Search

With this tool you can see the most influential people in history or over different periods of time. Maybe you want to see the most influential people when Einstein or Julius Caesar were alive. Our tool can give you that information.

a screenshot of the AI influential people finder form

College Strategist

This innovative tool allows you to focus in on the best colleges for you to apply to. It is surprisingly accurate and will save you valuable time not applying to schools that would be a bad fit. It separates the schools into three categories:

a screenshot of the college strategist form