Guide to Online Degrees and Distance Education in 2023

Online degrees from online colleges and universities have been growing while degrees from traditional schools have been in decline. There are many reasons for this transition but it’s enough for us to focus a large portion of our site on online education by way of online degrees at highly respected and accredited online colleges.

Below you will find our collection of rankings and lists of great online degree programs at each degree level and across various popular subjects.

Online Associate Degrees

Earning an online associate degree represents an affordable alternative to bachelor’s degree programs.

Students may also wish to earn credits in an associate’s program to transfer later into a bachelor’s program.

Online Bachelor’s Degrees

Online Bachelor’s are the most popular choice among students pursuing distance education. The flexibility and convenience offered by these programs allow students to earn a degree while maintaining employment and/or managing life’s many responsibilities.

If you’re interested in learning whether an online Bachelor’s is a good fit for you, check out Dr. Jed Macosko’s quick and insightful breakdown:

Online Master’s Degrees

An online master’s degree program allows students to earn an advanced degree from any location with an internet connection.

This flexibility helps to ease the burden of the notorious challenges of graduate school. In turn, this opens the door for busy students and working adults to earn a Master’s degree online when an on-campus program would have been untenable due to scheduling or locational constraints.

Online Doctorate Degrees

You might be surprised to learn that many of the country’s most prestigious doctoral programs now offer online learning tracks.

These programs provide much needed flexibility to doctoral students, who often need to balance their studies with work and other responsibilities.

Featured Online Degree Articles

Sometimes the best place to start a search is with the best of the best. Check our rankings below where we explore the best degrees and schools across various categories and subjects.