Student Resources for Before and After Graduation

Which school you choose to enroll is arguably less important than what you do while you are there.

And to make sure that you get the most out of your education, we endeavor to provide as many helpful student resources as possible.

Whether it’s assistance with admissions, degree information, major selection, financial aid, or even test preparation, if it helps students in higher education, you’ll find a helpful guide for it here.

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Resources for Students’ Success and Network Building

The most helpful student resources are those that help to ease a pain point of education or professional development.

The purpose of these resources is to solve one students’ biggest pain points. That is, how students can make the most of their education and professional development most efficiently.

Thus we hope that with these student resources, students will enter their degree program–or the job market afterwards–armed with the knowledge needed to succeed.

For students to excel in academics and the job market thereafter, they need to understand how to build and leverage influence networks. An influence network is the web of connections–personal, academic, and professional–that make up a person or organization’s relationships.

Put simply, who you know often ends up being as important as what you know.

For this reason, Academic Influence’s school rankings aim to identify universities and degree programs with the most robust influence networks. Because the most influential schools confer the strongest reputations to those who graduate from these schools.

Helpful Tools for Students and Prospective Students

No matter where you are in your search for the perfect school, we provide tools to help you in your journey.

We also provide helpful tools and resources for faculty such as our guide to writing DEI Statements.

Admissions Guide

Explore our Admissions Guide to find out everything you need to know about the admissions process and how to prepare for it.

College Compare

Use this tool to compare the characteristics of different colleges. For example, you can see the admission process, student body ratio, faculty, weather, crime, graduation process, and future employment of up to four colleges at the same time.

College Strategist Tool

Use our College Strategist Tool to explore your best target schools depending on your preferred state, ACT and SAT scores, preferred major, and gender.

Custom College Ranking Builder

Use our Custom College Ranking Builder to rank schools by the criteria that is most helpful to you.

FAQs and College Life Guide

Explore our FAQs and College Life Guide to learn about what it’s like to go to college and how to get the most out of it.

Guide to College Planning

If you are unsure where to even start in your college planning, this guide offers a comprehensive overview of what you need to know to begin the process.

Good planning works as the foundation for a fulfilling and stress free college experience.

Guide to Financial Aid

Explore our Guide to Financial Aid to learn about funding your degree program. You might also wish to learn how federal grants work in college.

Guide to Grad School

Check out our Guide to Grad School for resources about how to prepare and succeed in graduate school. And if you’re preparing for a PhD program, consider our complete Guide to Doctorates.

Guide to Online Degree Programs

Check out these 50 Online Education Statistics for helpful information on the current trends and data related to online learning.

If you’re considering online learning, check out our complete guide to online education and its pros and cons.

Most Influential Schools

Search the Most Influential Schools of the last 20 years to see which institutions of higher education offer the most reputable degrees.

Academic Resources for a Better Learning Experience

For current students, we provide additional helpful resources to help you answer questions about your favorite topics and academic work in general.

Specifically, you can use several of our tools to help guide your research and studying. These tools may help you find an interesting topic for a research paper, improve your writing and study skills, or even help you decide on what type of specialty you would like to pursue.

Free Math Tools and Resources

Do you struggle with math? Check out these free math tools and resources.

STEM students will find a collection of helpful resources here.

Ghost Detect Tool

Do you want to check a paper for plagiarism? Use this Ghost Detect Tool to see if something might have been either written by a ghost writer or if it contains plagiarized text.

Guide to Study Guides

Use our Guide to Study Guides to find helpful resources to give you a leg up in your degree program.

Guide to Note Taking

The best students will tell you, good note taking is essential to retaining information.

Sometimes it’s most helpful to hear directly from the experts. Explore our fascinating collection of interviews where we speak with world’s most influential academics.

With these helpful resources you are bound to learn something that will impress your peers and professors!

Influential People Search

Do you want to find the most influential academics in history? Use this Influential People Search tool to find the academics whose impact on the world is most clearly evident.

Writing Resources

One of the most important skills for any student is the ability communicate well both verbally and through their writing.

Becoming a good writer though, takes time and practice. In the above guide you will find a robust collection of academic resources for writing, helpful tips, and strategies.

Students pursuing studies in literature may also want to review literary terms and devices.

Interactive Infographics

Magnify the Universe

Explore this fascinating tool to Magnify the Universe and see the scale of smallest particles compared to the largest celestial bodies and groups.

Influential Physicists Timeline

With this time-traveling tool, view history’s greatest physicists.

See the rest here!

Famous Like Me

Try out our Famous Like Me tool to see which famous people you are most closely related to!

How to Choose your Major

The single most important step in your education is choosing what to study.

So with this in mind, resources that assist students in making this big decision offer big value. Find the majors that interest you most below to learn more about them.