Student Resources for Before and After Graduation

Higher education can be complicated. We’re here to make it simple.

We’ve got all the tips, tools, and information you’ll need on your educational journey, whether you’re just getting started on your school search or you’re submitting applications to the nation’s top universities; whether you’re looking for excellent online schools or you’re adjusting to campus life; whether your considering community colleges or preparing for the leap into graduate school.

From articles on how to find the best schools to career tips for future graduates; from comprehensive study guides to research on how to pay for college; from amazing STEM resources to full coverage of the top liberal arts degree programs, our student resources cover all aspects of higher education with you, the student, in mind.

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Guide to College Admissions

Get access to our extensive resources on searching, applying, and paying for college. And for a leg up on the competition, check out our directory of college admissions consultants.

College Search

We simplify the college search by giving you countless different ways to get started. Check our rankings of the best online colleges, research universities, and community colleges; try our College Compare and Custom College Ranker tools; or learn more with helpful guides to your countless college and university options.

Guides and Tips:

Popular School Rankings:

Dynamic College Search Tools:

The College Application Process

Find out everything you need to know about the college admissions process including tips on essay writing, completing the Common App, early admissions, and more.

College Admissions Consultants (CAC)

Find out how a College Admissions Consultant could help in your college search.

Paying for College

Get tips on financial aid, scholarships, and other ways to make college more affordable. We’ve got advice for every step in this process, from creating a username and password with the Federal Student Aid Office all the way to repaying your loans after graduation.

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Study Guides, Tips, and Tools

We’ve got all kinds of amazing resources to support your success. Improve your study skills, prepare for your exams, find free education games, and much more.

Study Tips

Improve your test prep habits and learn how to make the most out of your time in and out of class.

Study Tools

Check out these resources and tools for improving your learning outcomes in any college discipline.

Study Starters

Dig into our growing library of study starters on everything from political science and philosophy to history and biology, as well as countless classic literary works.

Controversial Topics

Look into some of the most controversial topics in the world today and get everything you need to start your next research project.

Influential Books

Start your research in any major discipline with a look at the most influential books in every major college subject area.

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Student Life Blog

Our blog is your home base for advice on surviving college and grad school, whether you’re earning your degree online or on campus. From tips for adjusting to your new surroundings to our focus on health issues impacting students; from meaningful support resources to features on diversity and inclusion, we’ve got everything you need, not just to survive, but to thrive.

Student Life

Get college prep advice, tips for creating the perfect online college workspace, our complete guide to surviving college and much more.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Find out which schools are doing the most to advance the important causes of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

Health and Wellness

Health and educational success go hand in hand. Get tips on how to make sure you feel your best, so you can do your best.


Get lost in our extensive media library, featuring interviews with scholars, experts, and legends in countless fields of education.

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Grad Life

Preparing to take the next step in your education? We’ve got advice and support resources whether you’re pursuing a graduate degree online or on-campus; whether you’re seeking a general master’s degree or the ever-popular MBA; whether you wish to pursue an applied doctoral degree or a research-based PhD.

Applying to Grad Schools

Get valuable tips and insights as you prepare for the grad school application process.

Online Master’s Degrees

Find out everything you need to know before beginning pursuit of a graduate degree online.

Online MBAs

The online MBA is the most popular advanced degree for a reason. Learn more about this extremely versatile graduate degree, including the wide array of concentration-specific MBAs you can earn online.

Online Doctorates and PhDs

A growing number of gradate schools are accommodating the needs of working professionals by making doctoral degrees and PhDs available online. Learn more about your options.

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Career Guidance

Higher education is an opportunity to further your career and enhance your skills in a specific discipline. But which degree is the right one for your career goals? And what are your job options if you’ve already selected a major? Start with our Complete Guide to Getting a Job After Graduation. Or read on for all kinds of practical career advice.

Career Counselor

Get valuable career advice and features on the job market today and in the future.


You can also Browse Majors by Discipline to Learn More.

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Get a look at the most popular, best paying and most unusual jobs among undergraduate and graduate degree holders in every field.

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Fun With Data Tools!

Influence Networks is about much more than college ranking. We’re always looking for fun new ways to leverage our propriety machine learning algorithms. Check out these tools to see what we’ve been working on!

Who We Are

Our data, school rankings, and informational resources are grounded in a proprietary metric called Influence. Influence is a unique metric which is insulated from bias and manipulation.

This metric differentiates Influence Networks from university rankers such as U.S. News & World Report or Times Higher Education, both of which rely substantially on flawed metrics like reputation surveys and self-report from ranked schools. An influence network is the web of connections—personal, academic, and professional—that make up a person or organization’s relationships.