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Who Are We?

We are a team of academics and data scientists working together to provide an objective InfluenceRanking™ of people, places, and institutions. Our team includes Jed Macosko, Ph.D., Professor of Physics at Wake Forest University, and Winston Ewert, lead data scientist and programmer. Both can be contacted using the form below. Jed and Winston work with the rest of the team to answer your questions and to find great ways to partner with your organizations.

How is a person’s InfluenceRanking™ calculated?

We collect various text documents and structured data from Wikipedia and related sites. We analyze the documents to determine which people and disciplines they reference. By rescaling the statistical weight of certain careers and disciplines that are disproportionately referenced, we are able to normalize the InfluenceRanking™ results and combine the scores from unrelated people and topics.

How is a school’s InfluenceRanking™ calculated?

We take each famous person’s InfluenceRanking™ and distribute it evenly among the various institutions where they either attended or worked. Thus, a university with many influential students or professors is itself considered influential. For more details about how we calculate the InfluenceRanking™ of people and schools, please click here.

How can you use InfluenceRanking™?

If you are looking for a good university in a particular field, InfluenceRanking™ can help you find a school that has made a big impact in this area. To find up-and-coming schools, use the Advanced Search option to look for Influencers that are born in more recent years. The schools where these younger Influencers attended or worked will then be the only ones to show up in your ranked list. Similarly, if you are curious about the historical impact different universities made, you can limit your search to people born in any given span of years. Feel free to contact us for help in searching or to share your interesting search results. We were surprised, for example, that the most influential school in mathematics at the turn of the 20th Century was the University of Göttingen, thanks to brilliant mathematicians such as David Hilbert and Carl Friedrich Gauss.

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