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Access advanced machine learning technology and get the most authoritative rankings of schools, academics, and institutions available today. Your educational journey demands the best navigational tools available. Access them here.

Why Academic Influence?

Innovative Ranking Technology

Our college rankings provide meaningful insights for your education. AcademicInfluence.com ranks colleges and academics using innovative machine learning to identify academic impact. We rank schools based on the faculty and alumni who are influential over 24 academic disciplines.

Influential People Matter

People are the foundation of our college rankings. We help you find highly cited, inspiring experts in over 24 disciplines, and the schools they are affiliated with. The colleges and universities that have histories of hiring and graduating influential people rise to the top.

Expert Guidance

We provide tools and resources to help you find your college match based on our expertise in higher education. If you need personal expert guidance, we can connect you to college admissions counselors trained to help you achieve your academic goals.

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