Corrections for Citations

AcademicInfluence utilizes external sources as the data for our algorithm. In some cases, such as citations and published papers, we show some of that information on our website. Unfortunately, this information is not always correct. Furthermore, because we source the data from external sources, we are limited in our ability to correct it. Fortunately, if the information for you or someone you care about is incorrect, you can take appropriate action.

Our paper citation data primarily comes from Semantic Scholar. The best way to improve our listings of your papers it to claim your SemanticScholar page. Once you have claimed the page you can correct the listing of you papers and we’ll get that data the next time we update our sources from Semantic Scholar.

A secondary source of information is Wikidata. Find or create a wikidata entry for the person of interest. Add any applicable ids, such as the semantic scholar page. If the person has a wikipedia, page sure that is specified on the wikidata entry