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Adrian Smith

Basketball player


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Adrian Howard "Odie" Smith is a retired American professional basketball player.Early life Smith was the fifth of six children of Oury and Ruth Smith of Farmington, Kentucky. The family lived in a farmhouse that had no electricity and no indoor plumbing. He was nicknamed "Odie" after a comedian on the Grand Ole Opry. As a child, he attended a three-room schoolhouse in rural Graves County, Kentucky. Because the family didn't have money for a basketball, he learned to shoot one his mother made from rolling up his dad's socks. He attended Farmington High School, where he nearly didn't play high school basketball until the school's principal/basketball coach agreed to give him a ride home after practices. As a senior, his only scholarship offer was from nearby Murray State University, but he took too long to accept and the offer was withdrawn.

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Northeast Mississippi Community College

Bonneville, Mississippi, community college

University of Kentucky

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