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According to Wikipedia, Apostolos K. Doxiadis is a Greek writer. He is best known for his international bestsellers Uncle Petros and Goldbach's Conjecture and Logicomix . Early life Doxiadis was born in Australia, where his father, the architect Constantinos Apostolou Doxiadis was working. Soon after his birth, the family returned to Athens, where Doxiadis grew up. Though his earliest interests were in poetry, fiction and the theatre, an intense interest in mathematics led Doxiadis to leave school at age fifteen, to attend Columbia University, in New York, from which he obtained a bachelor's degree in mathematics. He then attended the École Pratique des Hautes Études in Paris from which he got a master's degree, with a thesis on the mathematical modelling of the nervous system. His father's death and family reasons made him return to Greece in 1975, interrupting his graduate studies. In Greece, although involved for some years with the computer software industry, Doxiadis returned to his childhood and adolescence loves of theatre and the cinema, before becoming a full-time writer.

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