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American businessman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company

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According to Wikipedia, Robert Allen Iger is an American media business executive who serves as Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney Company. He previously served as the President of ABC between 1994 and 1995 and as president and chief operating officer of Capital Cities/ABC, from 1995 until its acquisition by Disney in 1996. Iger was named president of Disney in 2000 and succeeded Michael Eisner as CEO in 2005, until his contract expired in 2020. He then served as executive chairman until his retirement from the company on December 31, 2021. After his exit from the company, Iger served, at the company's request, as an advisor to his successor. Iger was awarded $2 million per year for such advice. However, at the request of Disney's board of directors, Iger returned to Disney as CEO on November 20, 2022, following the unscheduled and immediate dismissal of his appointed successor, Bob Chapek. In July 2023, Disney renewed Iger's contract until 2026.

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