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According to Wikipedia, Grover Cleveland Brewer was among the most famous 20th-century leaders in the Churches of Christ. He was said to be "among the giants of the brotherhood" . "G. C." Brewer was named for U.S. President Grover Cleveland. Brewer is generally known by his initials. He was born in Giles County, Tennessee; he died in Searcy, Arkansas, on June 9, 1956. He was an author, preacher, and teacher, serving on the faculty of Lipscomb University . His persuasive rhetoric and passionate oratory have been noted along with his uncanny ability to define mainstream biblical doctrine in the mid-20th Century. G. C. Brewer was no stranger to controversy, challenging Catholicism and Communism directly and debating frequently; yet he also demonstrated a willingness to change his views, especially those regarding the doctrine of grace.

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