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According to Wikipedia, Jarrell Waskom Pickett was an American Methodist minister and missionary to India. Early life Pickett was born in Jonesville, Texas, February 21, 1890, to Leander Lycurgus Pickett and Ludie Carrington Day. Leander, a Methodist minister and intenerant evangelist, was born in Burnsville, Mississippi, on February 27, 1859. He pastored churches and conducted revival meetings throughout the South and Southwest. On one such occasion he spoke at Mansfield Female College, an all-women's school in DeSoto Parish, Louisiana. There he met Ludie Carington Day, a professor at the school. The two began seeing each other socially and were married on December 5, 1888. Leander was 30 years old. Ludie was 21. The couple had seven children.

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