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Jim Lacy

American basketball player


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James J. Lacy was an American basketball player for Loyola College of Maryland in 1943–44 and then 1946–47 to 1948–49. He was regarded as one of the top college basketball scorers of his era.College career As a freshman for the Loyola Greyhounds in 1943-44, Lacy was the state's leading scorer. He turned 18 after the season and subsequently enlisted in the United States Navy due to World War II. He later returned to Loyola and led the nation in scoring in 1946-47 at 20.8 points per game. On February 3, 1947, he had perhaps the most memorable game of his career against the #1 team in the east, Seton Hall, when he scored 20 points to lead Loyola to a 54–53 upset.

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