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According to Wikipedia, Johann Christoph Wagenseil was a German historian, Orientalist, jurist and Christian Hebraist. Life and career Wagenseil was born in Nuremberg on 26 November 1633. As a youth he was educated at Stockholm, Greifswald, and Rostock. In 1649 he entered the University of Altdorf. He traveled widely in Europe and became a member of numerous scholarly societies. In 1665 he received a doctorate of law at the University of Orleans. In 1667 he was made professor of history and civil law at Altdorf and then served professor of Oriental languages at the same university from 1674 to 1697. After 1667 he occupied the chair of ecclesiastical law until his death on 9 October 1705. Wagenseil twice served as deacon and rector at Altdorf and in 1699 he was named the university librarian.

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