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Karen Nystrom

Ice hockey player


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Karen Nystrom was a member of the 1998 Canadian National women's team that participated in ice hockey at the 1998 Winter Olympics.Playing career Prior to joining the Canadian National women's team for the 1992 Women's World ice hockey championships, Nystrom participated in the Central Ontario Women's Hockey League. Nystrom competed for the Scarborough Firefighters and the Toronto Redwings. Prior to the 1998 Olympics, Nystrom also played hockey for the Northeastern Huskies women's ice hockey program. She would play with the Brampton Thunder from 1997 to 2003. During the 2000–01 NWHL season, Nystrom played with the Brampton Thunder and finished fourth in league scoring with 48 points.

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Northeastern University

Private university in Boston, Massachusetts, USA