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Keith Raywood

American production designer


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Keith Raywood, also credited as Keith Ian Raywood, is an American production designer.Early life and education Keith Raywood was born in New York City, and lived between there and Miami Beach throughout his childhood. He attended The Dwight School, and studied painting at The Art Students League of New York with Issac Soyer. In 1975, while enrolled at Cornell University for painting, he switched to architecture at the end of his freshman year, and then left for London to study at The Architectural Association School of Architecture. While there, he joined the unit that was tutored by renowned architects Bernard Tschumi and Nigel Coates. In the spring of 1978, he traveled with a group of students led by Rem Koolhaas to the Soviet Union. Raywood credits his time at The AA as most inspiring and influential in his work, and it would later greatly inform his process, aesthetic, and "architectural" style as a production designer.

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