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South African tennis player and author

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According to Wikipedia, Mark Mathabane is a South African author, lecturer, and a former collegiate tennis player and college professor. Early life in South Africa Mathabane was born in Alexandra, South Africa, an area that is a part of Johannesburg, the capital of the province of Gauteng. He was born to a life of poverty in the apartheid political setting of South Africa. His father was Jackson Mathabane, a Venda labourer who had an income of $10 a month. Mathabane has also stated that his father struggled with alcohol and gambling, and was even abusive. Magdalene Mathabane was Mathabane's mother. She had been sold to Jackson Mathabane as a wife at the age of fifteen by her mother. Jackson and Magdalene Mathabane had seven children, of whom Mark Mathabane was the eldest.

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