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According to Wikipedia, Mikhail Osipovich Dolivo-Dobrovolsky was a Russian Empire-born engineer, electrician, and inventor of Polish-Russian origins, active in the German Empire and also in Switzerland. After studying in Germany and while working in Berlin for Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft , he became one of the founders of polyphase electrical systems, developing the three-phase electrical generator and a three-phase electrical motor and studying star and delta connections. The triumph of the three-phase system was displayed in Europe at the International Electro-Technical Exhibition of 1891, where Dolivo-Dobrovolsky used this system to transmit electric power at the distance of 176 km with 75% efficiency. In 1891 he also created a three-phase transformer and short-circuited induction motor. He designed the world's first three-phase hydroelectric power plant in 1891.

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