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Ruth B. Love

American educator and former school superintendent


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Ruth Burnett Love also known as Ruth Love–Holloway is an American educator, education administrator, author and former schools superintendent. Love was formerly a professor of education at her college alma mater San Francisco State University. Love served as superintendent of the Oakland Unified School District from November 1975 until February 1981 and the Chicago Public Schools from March 1981 until March 1985. Love was the first African-American to serve as superintendent for the Chicago Public Schools district. In 1983, Love received the Horatio Alger Award and a Candace Award for Education from the National Coalition of 100 Black Women. Love was named as one among 100 of the best school managers in North America by Educator Magazine in 1984.

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San Jose State University

Public university located in San Jose, California, United States

San Francisco State University

University in San Francisco, California

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