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Steve Beuerlein

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Stephen Taylor Beuerlein is a former American football quarterback, and is currently an NFL and college football analyst for CBS.High school career In his senior year, Beuerlein led Anaheim's Servite High School to the California Interscholastic Federation 1982 Big Five state championship, where he was named player of the year. In the first game of the year he played against Ohio's famed Moeller High School. Although Servite led Moeller early in the 4th quarter, Moeller won 29-15, but Beuerlein's performance caught the eye of Notre Dame head coach Gerry Faust, who had coached for 18 years at Moeller prior to taking the Notre Dame job. After Servite went on to win its final eleven games en route to a 31-7 victory over Long Beach Poly in the state championship game , Faust offered Beuerlein a full scholarship, and he attended Notre Dame the following year.

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