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About Bryn Athyn College

According to Wikipedia, Bryn Athyn College is a private Christian liberal arts college in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania. It is affiliated with the General Church of the New Jerusalem. History Bryn Athyn College began educating undergraduates after its incorporation under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1877. Then known as the Academy of the New Church, in 1890, the academy established a separate organization, the General Church of the New Jerusalem, a religious body based on the teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg. After receiving an endowment from John Pitcairn and others, the Academy of the New Church expanded from a seminary into a high school and a two-year college. In 1914, it became a four-year college, and by 1922, the college was also conferring Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. In 1997, the Academy of the New Church College adopted a new name: Bryn Athyn College of the New Church.

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0 - 30K$17,207
30K - 48K$14,635
48K - 75K$20,268
75K - 110K$23,740

Source: National Center for Education Statistics

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Where is Bryn Athyn College?

Bryn Athyn College is located at 2945 College Drive, Bryn Athyn PA 19009-0717

How Safe is Bryn Athyn College?

Bryn Athyn has a violent crime rate of less than .01%.

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Annika F Barber
A Researcher.
Alexus D Kolb
A Researcher.