Concordia Theological Seminary

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Institution of theological higher education of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana

About Concordia Theological Seminary

According to Wikipedia, The Concordia Theological Seminary is a Lutheran seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It offers professional, master's degrees, and doctoral degrees affiliated with training clergy and deaconesses for the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod .

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Where is Concordia Theological Seminary?

Concordia Theological Seminary is located at 6600 N Clinton St, Fort Wayne IN 46825-4996

How Safe is Concordia Theological Seminary?

Fort Wayne has a violent crime rate of less than .01% and a property crime rate of less than .01%.

What Is Concordia Theological Seminary Known For?

Concordia Theological Seminary is known for it's academic work in the following disciplines:

Who Are Concordia Theological Seminary's Most Influential Alumni?

Concordia Theological Seminary's most influential alumni include professors and professionals in the fields of Religious Studies, Criminal Justice, and Philosophy. Here are some of Concordia Theological Seminary's most famous alumni:

Frederick William Danker
An American lexicographer.
Joel D. Heck
An American theologian.
Daniel L. Gard
A Lutheran Pastor, Professor of Exegetical Theology, American Naval Chaplain, University President.
Clifford Flanigan
An American historian.
Ernest Gottlieb Sihler
An American classical philologist .

Who Are Concordia Theological Seminary's Most Influential Faculty?