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Holyoke Community College is a public community college in Holyoke, Massachusetts. It offers associate degrees and certificate programs, as well as a transfer program for students to earn credits for transfer to other colleges. It was the first community college established in Massachusetts, as it was founded by the city's school board in 1946, while others were subsequently chartered under state jurisdiction after 1960. HCC currently offers more than 100 associate degree and certificate options, as well as adult basic education/GED programs, education and training for business and industry, and noncredit community education classes. In a 2016 report on community colleges in the United States, the Aspen Institute and Columbia University's Community College Research Center cited HCC as among 2-year community colleges with best practices for student transfers to 4 year institutions such as the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Additionally among the 15 community colleges in Massachusetts, HCC has the highest percentage of student graduates completing associate degrees and certificate programs.

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303 Homestead Ave, Holyoke MA 01040

City Crime Rates

Property Crime

49 per 100k

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11 per 100k

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Criminal Justice
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Social Work
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#4116 World Rank #1389 USA Rank
Computer Science
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#4068 World Rank #1697 USA Rank
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#1698 World Rank #632 USA Rank
#1718 World Rank #840 USA Rank
#3031 World Rank #1305 USA Rank
Political Science
#3066 World Rank #1120 USA Rank
Earth Sciences
#4044 World Rank #1831 USA Rank