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Ozark Christian College

Ozark Christian College Rankings

Reasons to Choose Ozark Christian College

  • Connections: The whole goal of the Ministry Center is to connect students with places to serve. Whether students wish to serve in the community, nationally, or globally the staff helps them through the job hunting and hiring process to find the best opportunities.
  • Dual Degrees: While studying at Ozark, students can opt-in to the dual degree program which allows them to earn bachelor’s degrees from Ozark and Missouri Southern simultaneously.
  • Press On: A unique feature of Ozark is the Press On program designed specifically for adults returning to college to pursue their degrees online.

Ozark Christian College began serving students in 1942 with only 16 attendees. Located in Joplin, Missouri and close to Kansas City, the school has now graduated 15,000 students.

The goal of Ozark is to train men and women for Christian service, making Ozark a perfect fit for those seeking to enter the ministry. Over 90% of the graduates are serving in vocational or volunteer mission work of some type. The school requires over 50 hours of Bible classes, and sets its students up for success in the ministry and mission field.

Ozark is accredited through the Higher Learning Commission and the Commission of Accreditation of the Association for Biblical Higher Education. Students can choose from 17 bachelor’s degree programs and 3 associate’s degree programs, all focused on some aspect of the ministry. Some of the unique options available to study at Ozark include:

  • Biblical Communication
  • Biblical Justice
  • Creative Arts Ministries
  • Music and Worship

Breaking it down by the numbers:

  • 95% of students receive some type of scholarship or financial aid
  • Average tuition cost begins at $20,530
  • 9 types of scholarships available directly from Ozark
  • Student to faculty ratio: 18:1
  • 6 dorms for students

Ozark is the home of the Ambassadors, who play men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s cross country, men’s soccer, and women’s volleyball as part of the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA).

From Wikipedia

Ozark Christian College is a private evangelical Christian college in Joplin, Missouri. It is affiliated with the Restoration Movement of Christian churches and churches of Christ.Academics The college's stated purpose is to "train men and women for Christian service" through an undergraduate Bible college education. Coursework focuses almost exclusively on the Bible, ministry training, and related topics. OCC's learning goal is to educate and equip students to become like Christ and serve Christ in leadership ministry. Graduates will be biblically grounded, spiritually matured, culturally engaged, and vocationally prepared. Ozark's training in intercultural studies, worship and creative arts, student and children's ministry, biblical communication, and more equip students with the biblical knowledge, cultural awareness, and vocational skills needed for effective Christian service. A dual degree program with Missouri Southern State University lets students earn two bachelor's degrees — one from each college — to serve in a variety of fields. OCC also offers an entire degree online.

Source: Wikipedia


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0 - 30K$13,905
30K - 48K$13,579
48K - 75K$13,574
75K - 110K$16,349

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1111 N Main St, Joplin MO 64801

City Crime Rates

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73 per 100K

Violent Crime

6 per 100K

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Influential People

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Billy James Hargis

Billy James Hargis

American television evangelist

Barry Zoeller

American news anchor