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Private university in Ponce, Puerto Rico

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According to Wikipedia, The Ponce Health Sciences University , formerly Ponce School of Medicine & Health Sciences, is a private, for-profit university in Ponce, Puerto Rico. It awards graduate degrees in Medicine , Clinical Psychology , Biomedical Sciences , Medical Sciences , and Public Health . The university has 360 students in its medical school and, as of 11 February 2019, was authorized to increase the student body at the medical school to 600 which, when fully in place, will make it the largest private medical school in Puerto Rico and one of the largest under the American flag.

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Where is Ponce Health Sciences University?

Ponce Health Sciences University is located at 388 Calle Luis F. Sala, Ponce PR 00716-2347

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Ponce Health Sciences University's most influential alumni faculty include professors and professionals in the fields of Psychology, Medical, and Philosophy. Here are some of Ponce Health Sciences University's most famous alumni:

Joxel García
Joxel García
A Puerto Rican-American physician and admiral of the USPHSCC.
Charles Cuprill Oppenheimer
A Puerto Rican-American Major General. Charles Cuprill Oppenheimer is academic .
Sharilyn Almodovar
A Researcher.
Jorge Padilla
A Researcher.
Carmen M Ortiz-Sanchez
A Researcher.
Eida M Castro-Figueroa
A Researcher .
Mariela Martinez
A Researcher.

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