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Research university in the city of York, United Kingdom

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Daron Acemoglu ranks among our Top Influential Economists Today.

According to Wikipedia, The University of York is a collegiate research university, located in the city of York, England. Established in 1963, the university has expanded to more than thirty departments and centres, covering a wide range of subjects.

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University of York is known for it's academic work in the following disciplines:

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Who Are University of York's Most Influential Alumni?

University of York's most influential alumni faculty include professors and professionals in the fields of Economics, Communications, and Sociology. Here are some of University of York's most famous alumni:

Mark Laity
A British journalist.
Denis Smalley
A Composer of electroacoustic music from New Zealand.
Caroline Thomson
Caroline Thomson
A Broadcasting executive.
Nichi Hodgson
A British journalist, broadcaster, and author.
Mark Addis
A British philosopher.
Guy Halsall
An English historian.
Stephen Brewster
A British computer scientist.
Bill Schwarz
A British historian, academic and writer.
Nick Payne
A British playwright.
John Simpson
John Simpson
An English lexicographer, born 1953.
Robert David Stevens
Robert David Stevens
A Professor of Bio-Health Informatics.
Caroline Dean
A Biologist.