Jed Macosko

President and Research Director

Image of Jed Macosko

Jed Macosko, PhD, hails from Minneapolis. Jed has lived in Minsk, Princeton, Tashkent, Chicago, Copenhagen, Albuquerque, and Strasbourg. He graduated with a BS from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and earned his PhD at University of California, Berkeley.

After a postdoc with Howard Hughes Medical Investigator Carlos J. Bustamante, he worked with Nobel laureate Kary Mullis at a start-up in Irvine, California. Currently, Jed is a professor of physics at Wake Forest University.

He continues his two decades of research on the mechanics of cells and molecular motors while teaching undergraduates the basics of big data and virtual reality. His lab has received millions of dollars in outside funding, and he is a contributing author of several books. His work has been cited thousands of times, and his patents have been developed in the biotech sector.

One of his most fulfilling intellectual projects so far has been to improve academic rankings with the team at