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Bernice Eddy was born on September 30, 1903. She is best-known for her work as an epidemiologist and virologist, particularly her work with polio vaccine trials.

Eddy was born in Glen Dale, West Virginia. She attended Marietta College for her undergraduate work and pursued a master’s degree and PhD in bacteriology from the University of Cincinnati.

After graduation, Eddy began working for the Biologics Control Division National Institutes of Health. She tested polio vaccines for 5 different companies in this capacity. One of the five vaccines tested was made by Cutter Laboratories. Eddy discovered that this vaccine still contained live poliovirus and caused polio symptoms and paralysis in the monkeys she tested it on.

While Eddy reported these findings to her supervisor, the information was never passed on, and 120,000 flawed vaccines were produced. Thousands of children suffered adverse side effects due to this oversight, and the polio vaccine program was postponed.

Is polio man made?

Not originally, but it can now be manufactured.

When was the first polio vaccine?

The fist polio vaccine was made available in 1955.

How long was the polio vaccine tested before it was released?

The polio vaccine was tested for 3 years (1952-55) before release.

How do you kill the polio virus so it is not harmful?

The polio virus can be inactivated or attenuated so that it is safe for injection or to be given by mouth.

What is the root cause of polio?

The virus poliovirus is the cause of polio.

According to Wikipedia, Bernice Eddy was an American virologist and epidemiologist. She and Sarah Elizabeth Stewart are known for their discoveries related to polyomavirus, particularly SV40 polyomavirus. Personal life and education

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