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According to Wikipedia, Douglas A. Foster is an American author and scholar known for his work on the history of Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement. Life Douglas A. Foster was born in Sheffield, Alabama. He grew up in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Upon completing his undergraduate degree at Lipscomb University in 1974, he became an associate minister at Jackson Park Church of Christ in Nashville, Tennessee where he served until 1983. While there he completed his graduate work at Scarritt College. He began teaching at Lipscomb University in 1985 where he taught church history. While there he completed his Ph.D. at Vanderbilt University. In 1988, Foster also began working as an archivist for Gospel Advocate magazine while working at Lipscomb University. In August 1991, he moved to Abilene Christian University where he has taught church history ever since. In June 2006, Foster was appointed Associate Dean of the Graduate School of Theology where he served until 2008. In 1994, Foster was named the Director of the Center for Restoration Studies located in Abilene Christian University's Brown Library. He has authored numerous publications concerned with the history of the Stone-Campbell Movement.

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