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Evelyn Crowell

American librarian


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Evelyn Crowell was a librarian, author, speaker, activist, and community organizer in Portland, Oregon. She was the first single Black woman in Oregon to adopt children.Life Born in Saginaw, Michigan on March 17, 1936, she moved with her father, grandfather, brother, and uncle to Oregon in 1942. They lived in North Portland and the men worked in the shipyards. She attended Boise Elementary school, the Girls Polytechnic High School, and Portland State College. She was in the third graduating class of Portland State College with a bachelor's degree, in 1959. She earned a Master's degree in library science from the University of Washington in 1960.

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Linfield University

American private institution of higher learning located in McMinnville, Oregon and Portland, Oregon

Portland State University

Public university in Portland, Oregon

Fisk University

University in Nashville

University of Washington

Public research university in Seattle, Washington, United States