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George Andrew Olah

Hungarian chemist


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George Andrew Olah was a Hungarian chemist. After the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, he emigrated to the United Kingdom, which he left for Canada in 1964, finally resettling in the United States in 1965. His research involved the generation and reactivity of carbocations via superacids. For this research, Olah was awarded a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1994 "for his contribution to carbocation chemistry." He was also awarded the Priestley Medal, the highest honor granted by the American Chemical Society and F.A. Cotton Medal for Excellence in Chemical Research of the American Chemical Society in 1996. According to György Marx he was one of The Martians.

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Case Western Reserve University

University in Ohio, United States

University of Southern California

Private research university in Los Angeles, California, United States

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

University in Hungary

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