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According to Wikipedia, Gleason Leonard Archer Jr. was a biblical scholar, theologian, educator and author. Early life Gleason Archer was born in Norwell, Massachusetts in 1916 and became a Christian at a young age through the influence of his mother, Elizabeth Archer. His maternal grandfather was a pastor. Archer's father was Gleason Archer Sr., the founder of Suffolk Law School in Boston. Archer grew up in Boston and spent summers in Norwell. He graduated from Boston Latin School and in 1938 he graduated from Harvard University with a BA . He received an LL.B. from Suffolk Law School in Boston in 1939, the same year he was admitted to the Massachusetts bar. In 1940 he received a master's degree from Harvard and in 1944 he was awarded a PhD at Harvard University in Classics. Finally he received his Bachelor of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1945.

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