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According to Wikipedia, James Edward Smith is an American biblical scholar. Biography James E. Smith was born the third of four sons born to Fred and Thelma Smith. James E. Smith was born at St. Mary Hospital in Huntington, West Virginia, unlike his two older brothers who were born in India while his parents were missionaries there. James’ father was a preacher who met his mother while ministering at a church while attending Cincinnati Bible Seminary. James was raised based on Biblical teachings and values. James Smith has been said to have always been “a planner- a doer- a manager- an arranger” even as a boy. These characteristics carried on into his youth, James was an active member of the Boy Scouts of America and became an Eagle Scout. In high school he became president of the student council. After high school James attended his father’s alma mater at Cincinnati Bible Seminary a branch of Cincinnati Christian University. Before leaving for Seminary Smith met the woman he would marry Rachel Stout. One of James Smith’s earliest ministries was in Sherman, Kentucky. A year into seminary James E. Smith and Rachel Stout became engaged to marry and married in the very church James E. Smith had been ministering at in Sherman, Kentucky. James E. Smith and wife Rachel have two children the eldest a son Keith and daughter Yona. In 1974 James E. Smith’s brother Fred Smith Jr. became part of a committee to start a Bible College in Florida. Fred Smith Jr. offered James E. Smith the position of academic dean at this developing college but he would have to leave his post on staff at Cincinnati Bible College and Seminary. Months later James E. Smith accepted the position as dean in the developing Central Florida Bible College, now known as Florida Christian College, now known as Johnson University Florida. He and his family made the move to Florida.

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