Jill Abramson
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Jill Abramson

Former executive editor of The New York Times


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Jill Ellen Abramson is an American author, journalist, and academic. She is best known as the former executive editor of The New York Times; Abramson held that position from September 2011 to May 2014. She was the first female executive editor in the paper's 160-year history. Abramson joined the New York Times in 1997, working as the Washington bureau chief and managing editor before being named as executive editor. She previously worked for The Wall Street Journal as an investigative reporter and a deputy bureau chief.

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Harvard University
Harvard University

Private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

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Radcliffe College

Former women's college in Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Princeton University
Princeton University

Private Ivy League research university in Princeton, New Jersey, United States

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