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Joseph Breen

Film censor, journalist


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Joseph Ignatius Breen was an American film censor with the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America who applied the Hays Code to film production.Early life and career Breen was the youngest of three sons born to Mary and Hugh A. Breen in Philadelphia. His father had emigrated from Ireland and met his mother Mary in New Jersey. Breen was raised in a strict Roman Catholic home and attended Gesu Parish School until the eighth grade. He then attended Boys Catholic High School. He attended Saint Joseph's College but dropped out after two years, after which he worked as a newspaper reporter for fourteen years in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and Chicago. After working as a reporter, Breen worked for the United States Foreign Service for four years, serving in Kingston, Jamaica, and in Toronto, Canada.

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University of Cincinnati

Public research university in Cincinnati, Ohio

Saint Joseph's University

Private, coeducational Roman Catholic Jesuit university in Philadelphia and Lower Merion, Pennsylvania, USA

Baylor College of Medicine

Private medical school in Houston, Texas, United States

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