L. D. Weldon

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American track and field coach

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According to Wikipedia, L. D. Weldon was an American track and field coach. He trained decathletes, including two Olympic medal winners, 40 years apart. Early career A native of California, in 1925 Weldon moved to Graceland Academy in Lamoni, Iowa for the final two years of high school. He continued there to Graceland College for his first year of college before transferring to the University of Iowa. As an athlete at Graceland, he won the javelin throw at the nearby Drake Relays and at the Kansas Relays in 1928. After a mandatory year of ineligibility due to his transfer, he returned in 1930 to repeat his wins at Drake Relays and Kansas Relays, plus the Texas Relays hitting the trifecta of top national competition.

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