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According to Wikipedia, Luis Augusto Huergo was an Argentine engineer prominent in the development of his country's ports. Life and times Early career Luis Huergo was born in Buenos Aires, in 1837, to a family of prosperous retailers. He was sent to the Jesuit Mount St. Mary's University previously known as Mount St. Mary's College, where he obtained his secondary education from 1852 to 1857. Returning to Argentina, he assisted urbanist Pedro Benoit plan the first road to Ensenada and earned a degree as a surveyor from the Topography and Geodesics School of Buenos Aires, in 1862. Huergo was among the first class to enroll at the School of Engineering created by the Rector of the University of Buenos Aires, Juan María Gutiérrez, in 1866, and four years later, his thesis on the value of roads earned him the school's first engineering degree.

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